Special Edition Car Talk Guitar

Has the fabled CF Martin Guitar Company lost its corporate mind? What do you think of the Car Talk guitar? Share your thoughts right here – and we’ll be sure to let our pal Dick Boak at Martin know. He might even chime in from time to time – if he’s not busy packing up his desk at work.

“Yeah, this is the guitar we’ve been working on for a year ! And this is all we got out of it !” Make sure to watch the video on YouTube: “Car Talk Martin Guitar.” It’s silly but informative and fun. I’m ready to chime in as the boys say. Fire away, or like a sparkplug whose gap has been set by Tom and Ray, misfire away!

I know Martin make high line AND low line guitars, where does this one fit in their line-up . Which regular model of Martin is it based on ? If it does indeed feel and sound like a Martin, I’m in !

My first thought is “Did the guitar promotion work for VW?”

Personally, I’ve never been much of a fan of ‘collector’ instruments. Granted, I’m not a musician, either. I suppose there must be one or two listeners out there who would appreciate something like this. One question, though: Why? Who came up with the idea to make a CarTalk guitar?

It’s a high end Martin based on the HD-28V herringbone Dreadnought, but with a premium soundboard abnd special inlays and pickguard. It has a dovetail neck to body joint with genuine nitrocellulose lacquer finish. The full specs and information about the guitar will be posted on the Martin website (www.martinguitar.com) on June 20th which is the day we introduce the new model at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, TN. It will be available from authorized C. F. Martin dealers worldwide.

You’ve got a point. I know its odd that we (Martin) did this, but Chris Martin (C. F. Martin IV) is a major car guy (as am I) and we both have listened and loved Car Talk since its inception. I have to confess that it’s not always about how many guitars are sold. Sometimes its just about fun! This project was FUN! We can’t guarantee that an instrument will be collectible. I can guarantee that this guitar has great tone and playability and that it has as many if not more unique features than any edition we’ve ever done. It might succeed and it might not, but it was definitely worth doing! Just getting to know Tom, Ray and the whacky staff at Car Talk was such a privilege, plus I got to sit through the taping of an entire show! What could possibly be better! I guess lastly, no body expects non-musicians to be interested in this guitar (unless they really want one!), in which case, they will be available. Instead of sitting on our butts, we actually did it!

All kidding aside, I’m Dick Boak of Martin Guitars and I have had the honor of coordinating this project from its inception on Martin’s end. I’ve facilitated more that 140 Limited and Special Edition projects in my 32 years at Martin, but none have been like this one! I’m happy to answer any of your questions, as long as I can keep up, or if you wish to drop me an email off line at editor@martinguitar.com, I’d be glad to forward a seven page PDF with all of the specs and details about the guitar and the project.

OK, so for we who only want an OM or OOO, will this FINE guitar be available in those styles?

Because Click and Clack are completely into bluegrass, we chose to center in on the quintessential bluegrass guitar - the Dreadnought - prized for its volume and projection. So I guess we’ll run with this for now. I agree with your suggestion in principle though. The OM is one of my favorite Martin sizes. Dreadnoughts have their rightful place though.

So, how much is this guitar expected to cost? I love guitar (even though i am still learning) and would love to combine two of my favorite things to listen too, car talk and guitar :slight_smile:

I cannot for the life of me imagine what would compel a guitarist to buy any guitar because it has Click and Clack details. I buy for tone and playability. Period. As long as it isn’t too ugly.

I gave a Martin of mine to a friend’s son last Christmas. He’s just a young fella barely beginning to learn. His parents know NOTHING about guitars. They told a close ladyfriend of mine (the boy’s grandmother) that he wanted a guitar for Christmas, and I sold her the Martin for $40 to give to him (she insisted that I charge her something). I thought he should have a proper guitar. I suspect she knew the price didn’t seem right.

Oh, I also gave with the guitar a Martin embroidered gig bag with a tuner, picks, and a starter book in the pockets.

Passing music on to another generation is an honor. Many years ago I got my own son started and he ended up going to Berklee.

It wouldn’t just be for the click and clack details. however, if it is in similar price ranges with other guitars, it would be an added bonus for those of us seeking a bluegrass style guitar (to complement my electric)

Buy Ovation.

I have an Ovation. It’s nice, but it keeps sliding off my lap.

My personal favorite, my beloved, my resonant sweetheart, is a George Washburn, with the sweetest spuce you ever heard ringing out the notes anywhere on the fretboard you choose to strike, and a neck that’s as easy to play at the 12th fret as it is at the nut.

But I’ve played Martins that I’ve loved too. It’s been my experience that guitars are as individual as cars. I’ve played two exact same models, sitting on the rack side by side, and found them to be very different guitars.

I never much cared for signatures, inlaid mother of pearl designs, gold plated tuners, or other garnish. It does nothing for the quality of the instrument. I have them, but could not care less.

I just need to ask…
Did it arrive with the answer to a puzzler on the back?

It’s about time! Not since Bill Monroe’s first Grand Ol’ Oprey appearance has bluegrass music received such a boost. I await the appearance of guest artists on your show playing that fine instrument. Their commentary on the inlay work would be especially appropriate. Doc Watson, are you listening? I look forward to the marketing campaign, although the instrument should sell itself. C.F. would by mighty proud.

Interesting…I hope this is a really limited edition. What’s next - a Prairie Home Companion D-45? How about a Howard Stern 000-18?