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Carolla Carlock Malfunction

My 2002 Toyota Carolla has been possessed by demonic car locks. Upon starting the car the locks begin to lock and unlock (or at least make the noise that accompanies the locking). The sound (if not the actual movement of the locks is infrequent and irregular and seems to have no direct correlation to anything I do with the car while I’m driving… speed, motion, other electronic devices do not start/stop the “locking” and “unlocking”… Any ideas?

If the electric lock switch is making occasional contact on its own, what you describe might happen. Can you replicate this by jiggling the lock switch?

If I push the lock button once or twice the “ghost” locks stop for a time but just jiggling the switch doesn’t seem to replicate the action…

There could be a poor electrical connection at the lock actuator.

If you want to check this out, you have to remove the door panel and weather membrane attached to the inside of the door (do not tear this) to gain access to the actuator.

Before going that far, try reprogramming the power lock code. The procedure should be in your owners manual.