Carb honda acting up

87 Accord 179k

Just for the record i’m planning to get rid of this car pretty soon, but just out of curiosity…

If the car has been running at operating temp. for a while and then shut off and allowed to sit, and then started up again - it will stumble and jolt back and forth, sometimes violently. Then it will go away after a few minutes. Also when using wide open throttle acceleration there is an intermitent sensation where it feels like someone is grabbing the chassis and gently shaking it back and forth. Weird. Time for a fuel injected model I say, but I’m just wondering if there’s something obvious and fixable that causes this to happen. Thanks!

Just for fun check your battery cables (both ends) and check all the motor and transmission mounts.

Look through the glass window into the float bowl and check the level. It’s hard to see but if it’s too high, you may need new floats. You might have a burnt auxiliary valve. They can be removed from the head when you take the rocker shafts off. Be careful when putting them back on. If a rocker is in the wrong position, you will break an auxiliary valve guide and smoke like crazy. You may have a bad engine mount too. This info is for the CVCC engine that used to be in an Accord.