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'87 Honda Accord LX acceleration problems

This morning I went to start my car and while the engine was warming up (it’s carbureted, not fuel injected) I heard a strange sound that I can only describe as sort of a “glulp” or something.

As I was driving to the doctor, at one point I was going up a slight hill so I went to accelerate and the RPMs reved up but I didn’t go any faster than I was going, which was about 30-35mph. What’s going on here?

If this is a manual transmission, it’s possible your clutch is slipping. That would be my first guess, based on the amount of information given. If it’s an auto trans…not sure.

It’s an automatic transmission. I should have mentioned that. As for any other details, I really don’t have anything else to offer. Are there other issues I should be on the lookout for that could relate to this?

If the engine revved up without accelerating, then the internal clutches inside the transmission are slipping either due to excessive wear or weakened pump pressure. Either way, this transmission sounds like it will fail pretty soon. I would strongly suggest not putting money into this car and save it for the next one. A rebuild will be very expensive and a used transmission is a crap shoot. Not very good choices.

Yup. That’s the word I’ve been getting from all my sources. My regular repairman suggested that since I’ve still got the first 3 gears, take it out of overdrive, use D3 and just drive it in town to and from work since I still have it for that, at least. But yeah, I’m already committed to not spending my money on anything else for the rest of the year and saving heavily for a new car. Thanks for the advice.