Bad case of the shakes!

I have a 1987 Honda Accord,that has a carburetor. initially I thought that it was my motor mounts or the idle speed needed adjusting. However since they have been replaced I and the idle speed tuned the problem persists. I don’t know what else could be wrong. I have changed all belts, mounts, and still whenever I use anything electrical (I.e. fans, rear defrost, power windows,etc.) And the care is traveling below 10 mph the shaking just won’t stop.that is till I put one foot on break and the other on gas. Keeping the idle speed above 1000 revolutions per minute. Please help!! I am pulling my hair out here!

Sounds like an engine performance problem; low compression on a cylinder (or more than one), faulty ignition component, vacuum leak, or carburetor issue related to the idle circuit and /or misadjustment.

There’s not enough known about those issues to be precise. What would I do? Inspect the spark plugs and run a compression test as a first step to make sure you’re dealing with a mechanically solid engine.
Otherwise, you could throw parts at it all day long with no success.

Yep, sounds like you might need a general tune up including plugs, distributor cap, rotor, and maybe wires, air filter, and carb adjustment. Or might be just wearing out after 25 years.

I would let the car idle with the hood open and listen for any obvious vacuum leaks