Car wont start

i have a 2001 saturn l200 about aweek ago i hard clicking sound coming from my i change the oil and i put it r and back it up some and then i put in it in d then i lost all power and how it wont start.someone told me its the timing then i toke a look at the chain wen you try to start it the chain jumps up and done.

It certainly sounds like you need work on that timing chain. It may be several things, It might not even be related to the timing chain but I would put my money on the chain or related parts. it will not be easy to give you a positive answer from here. Someone who knows what they are looking for is needed.

Note quick oil change places don’t hire people who know what they are doing.

i thank it is the timing chain becaues i seen it jump up and down wen my wife try too start it and i kno that the marks dont line up