Timing chain

i have a 2001 saturn l200 it have about 122k on it.i been hearing alot of clicking coming from the motor.well later that night i change the oil then i start the car and then i back up some then it in drive then i lost all power.the next day i chk the timing chain and i have my wife try to start it and i seen the timing chain jumping up and down.

This sounds very familiar:






I really think that you would be much better-off if you pick one of your many threads on the same topic, and continue to respond in that one thread.


i just need some help im just not good with cars

Ok - but continuing to make new threads isn’t going to help anything. It just makes a mess. You’re also not good with language. Work harder on being really clear.

If you’re not that good with cars and think you have a problem with a timing chain then it is time to get someone else who is good with cars onto the scene.

i just need a reall Mechanic on here

Look the problem is your english is confusing. Most of us are mechanics. Even real mechanics. You have a serious sounding problem. But some of us are having trouble understanding you. My advice is that you cannot fix this with help from here. You need to have a mechanic find out what happened. If you cannot describe in relevant detail, in clear language, the problem then we really cannot help.

well i just went to answer . com and thay told me the timing chain is off line.thank you for your help

that’s not enough. You need to replace the chain, it is compromised. You also need guides and a new tensioner. With a flopping chain, the sprockets may be damaged, and need replacing as well. A manual would also tell you if you need any idler gears. For the timing chain to be off that much, there is some SERIOUS problems with the entire system. Due to the age (10 yrs.) and the miles, I’d replace everything that is associated with the timing chain just so I don’t have to do the job again in a year.

yea he told me that.how much would it cost to have it done.a new timing chain kit is about 135.00 i just look it up

HOLY COW!! I just saw a diagram of the timing chain arrangement for this car using the vehicle repair guides at www.autozone.com. This looks like a nightmare job. Two timing chains, a chain driven water pump, a balancing shaft, guides, tensioners, and an oil nozzle to insure the chain is lubricated. A lot of parts to test or replace. Couple that with the unknown if there is any engine damage from valve-piston interference would make me scared to tackle this job.

First thing to try to do is reset the existing chain using a minimal amount of parts just to determine if there is any internal engine damage. Considering the chain is off a sprocket, this could be a chore in itself. Four cylinder engines are fairly easy to line up the crank and camshafts if the chain is broken. The crank can be rotated to TDC then 180 out for all four cylinders on power stroke, and the cams can be marked to turn 1/4 at a time for a leak-down test on each cylinder. If every cylinder holds pressure, there is hope.

If it passes this test, then replace the timing chain with the kit and see if it runs. Be prepared to cough up a lot of labor time. The $135 for the timing kit may not include all that will be required to fix. If the chain is off, something is broken.

the timing chaim is still on is that good news

But you said it is flopping around. If you can pull it up off one of the cam sprockets, trust me, it is OFF. It just looks like it is on. The tensioner may have broken, and you’d be lucky there, but the interference issue still has me worried.

i can see the chain going round wen i try to start it and i try to take the chain off but it wont come off

You may be lucky enough to just have a weak tensioner, then. The kit may save your ride. But the job still looks like a pain, and if the cam timing is off, like it jumped a few teeth, I’d get a leakdown test performed to insure there is no internal damage. The chain timing will need to be reset for a valid test, but the engine need not run.

i just talk to a Mechanic i kno him really well he told me he will charge me about 460.00 to fix it.and i chk with better bussiness bureau and thay got a+ so that is good