my car timing chain jumps up and down wen i try to start it.befor that i hard alot of clinking sound coming from the motor now the car wont start

With out more information we can’t make much of a recommendation other than someone who knows what they are doing needs to put hands on to tell you what the problem(s) is/are.

You also might want to tell us what year and miles are on your Saturn IS.

about a 3 weeks a hard alot of clicking coming from the motor.so i change the oil and i stated the car then i put it in r back up some then i put it in d then i lost all power.it have about 122465 miles on it

How Are You Able To See The Timing Chain ? Have You Taken Parts Off ? What Have You Disassembled, So Far ?


yea i have my wife try too start it and i seen the timing chain junping up and down.i do kno that thoes timing marks dont line up

Do You Have The “Open Air Timing Chain Option” On This Vehicle Or Are You Looking At Something Else, A Key Chain, Perhaps ?

Again, please explain.


i open up the velcover on top of the motor and seen the chain jumping

I may be too cynical or suspicious but are we getting trolled?