Car won't start when warm

1998 Saturn sw2 runs great but won’t start when you turn it off after engine is warm,Acts like the battery is totally dead but when engine cools down it starts fine again.No lights on dash are on and garage couldn’t find a problem.HELP!

I would suggest checking both ends of each battery cable, making sure the contact areas are clean and tight. If that works great, but when it does not check the solenoid.

Good Luck

We have checked the connections several times and even replaced the battery.Forgot to add when car is “dead” and you turn the key it makes a kinda loud click from under the hood on th passenger side and that is the only sound.As it begins to cool it may sound like a weak battery trying to start the car but doesn’t have enough power and when it is all cooled off it starts like there is no problem.Now that it is getting warmer outside it can take 1- 2 1/2 hours before it starts again after being run.

The battery in your vehicle has the side mount battery terminals. Remove both terminals from the battery, and peel back the red rubber cover from the positive terminal. If you find a white powder under this red cover, replace the positive battery cable assembly.