98 Saturn SW2 problem


My 1998 Saturn started this morning with no problem. After I put gas in the car - coincidence I think - all electrical worked, but the car would not start. Not a clicking noise or anything. Can any experienced person out there help me. My initial thought was a fuse or the starter, but the starter should at least click. Thanks all.


Your alternator could have gone bad and your battery totally drained. Or you could have a bad solenoid. Or a relay. Or a number of other possibilities. It simply needs to be looked at to tell.

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One thing I failed to mention, it did start after sitting for 20 minutes. But, you are right, I think the best thing is to have it looked at.



I have a 96 Saturn SW2 and I have the almost the same symptoms. It will start just fine in the morning and I’ll drop my kids off at school and go to work. I cannot re-start the car until after it has sat for about 2-3 hours. When I try and start it then it starts right up. If I try within an hour of stopping (after driving for approx. 20-30min or mor)to start it again, it will click maybe once or twice then nothing. The lights and radio are on and operating and they do not dim when I try and start.
Could this be the starter? It seems that after it cools down it will start fine.


Had a similiar problem on my 99 SW2 - didnt start until the tow truck came - replaced the starter - works like a charm now


I have seen this happen with many cars. It starts fine until your drive for awhile and it gets hot and after you shut it off it will not start. As jh said, he replaced the starter and it worked. I have seen it be the starter silinoid, which at times is connected to the starter or seperate. If that is burt out you will get no click at all, maybe a faint click. A good set of needlenose pliers laid accross the contact to "Jump the silinoid will tell you if that is it. now ofcourse this would be a last identity option, as it will fry a good silinoid.