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Car startup noise

I hear really bad noise when I start my car… I replaced the battery already… is this the starter ???
Here is sound noise


Your link to the sound file does not work.

Sorry can’t help until we hear it.


Can you describe the noise?

The link worked for me, and my best guess is that the engine is only running on a couple of cylinders when it is first started.

Is the Check Engine Light lit up?
How many miles do you have on this mystery Accord?
When were the spark plugs last replaced?

Link worked for me.I am guessing broken teeth on the starter motor or flywheel, or a shim for the starter. Hands on diagnosis needed.

I too was unable to work the link.
I trust Barky’s interpretation and recommendation. :relaxed:

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Thank you all… I took it to a mechanic and starter is bad…replaced the starter, all good now… Thanks


@TetoBasha Thank you for the followup, we appreciate it (speaking for the car talk community} we learn new things every day! glad you are up and running!

I too thank you for taking the time to tell us the result. Successful fixes are always a pleasure to read about, and few get back to us.

Happy Motoring.