Car wont start and cooling fan keeps running

2001 crown vic turns over but wont start and now cooling fan runs continusly

Does it fail to start 100% of the time? Do you have spark? Buy one new spark plug. Carry the plug with you and the next time it does not start, get out and pull one plug wire off (pull on the socket part not the wire) put the new plug on that wire and hold the threads of the plug tight against the engine block while you have someone try to start the car. You should see a bright blue spark, and if you are not holding the plug with an insulated tool, you will also see stars! This can rule out a spark problem.

The cooling fan relay may be stuck. Look under the hood, in the relay box. The fan relay should be there, Often one relay is the same as another. If there is a relay like the fan relay, swap them. If the fan still runs, there is another problem.

How long have you owened this car. Someone may have hooked your fan power to an ignition source so that it comes on when you turn your key on. Or are you saying that your fan stays on with your key off. If so do as hellokit suggest.

Ok here is alittle more information for my problem, i have had the car since 08/2006, no problems, i went to my car on saturday morning and it was hard to start but it did eventually turn over, i had a few errands to run so i was in and out of the car, i had no more problems with it starting. sunday morning i went outside to get the paper and heard the fan running, i grabbed my keys tried to start it and it would not turn over, then the check engine light came on, i described this problem to a mechanic friend and he thought that it sounded like the wires are shorted out causing the fan to run, now if that is true, is the reason it wont start is because the computer thinks the engine is overheated?

it probably wont start because the battery is dead, since the fan relay is fried, and never let the fan shut off overnight.