Crown victoria starts sometimes

I have a 2001 crown vic lx. Sometimes it starts, mostly don’t. Alternator good. All power good. when turn key I get nothing, not even a click. Any suggestions

It’s probably a neutral safety switch; also called a range selector switch. Try shifting into neutral to see if it will start. If it does then it’s likely the switch.

That test is not 100% indicative of a failed switch but it’s easy enough to do and if needed it’s pretty easy to change.

Tried that. Don’t start in neutral either

As I said, that test is not 100% indicative. The next step would be to check for power on the small wire at the starter motor solenoid. If there is no power when the key is turned to the START position then it will probably boil down to a faulty range switch, ignition switch, or possibly a starter interrupt relay which is part of a security system.

I’ve got some Ford manuals so I’ll take a look and see if there’s a schematic for a 2001 Crown Vic so as to point out wire colors. One thing I hate to do is poke at wiring without having a general idea of what color codes I’m looking for. Will post back tomorrow if no one else comes up with anything.

Does it have a starter relay mounted on the right inner fender? The early Vics did…

Step one is to determine if a “start” signal is reaching the starter when the key is turned to the “start” position…You will need a jumper wire and a volt meter…

I have power when key is in start position. Thanks for all your input.I’ll check in the morning for that relay

I’ve had this happen before. Clean and readjust your battery terminals. That was my problem

If there is power to the starter when the key is in the “start” position, then pull the starter (fairly easy on a Vic) and have it tested…

starter interrupt relay. This is what the problem was with my crown vic, I believe. It was under the steering wheel and was loose. Thanks for all your advice

I have had this problem before turned out it was the cable from the relay to the starter. They get old and corroded in side of the plastic .They may look fine but once you take it apart and open it up then you see how bad it really is

Glad you got her fixed Limolou… was the relay inside the steering column or mounted under the dash near the steering column?