Run for Long period of time and then won't start

The problem I’m having with this vehicle is that, it will start up just fine most of the time if I just hop in my after and haven’t drove it for a while, however after I drive lets say 20 min+ and then decide to turn the car off and go back to turn it on, it just wont, it will turn over and its getting power but it won’t follow through to start the engine, took it to a place by my house for 3 days and they said its probably the fuel filter but they couldn’t give me a straight answer, what do you guys think it most likely is.

Good idea to post the make/model/year too. You have what is called a “hot soak” problem. You might google “make/model/year and hot soak”, see what that comes up with. While it could be any of a host of problems, most likely it is an electrical part that is getting hot and failing due to the heat. When it cools off, it works again. Either the crankshaft position sensor, the fuel pump, or the fuel pump relay are often the cause.

Its a 2001 Ford Taurus, I thought it posted for some reason, but what would need to be replaced, the auto place said they moved the relays around to see if they were getting hot so i know its not those, so were looking at the crankshaft position sensor or the fuel pump? mostlikely? ALSO he said he tested the fuel pressure as well and everything looked fine with that too, thats why they couldnt say it was exactly the fuel pump I suppose

Yes, it sounds like the shop you’ve selected is doing a good job. I don’t see it being the fuel filter though, but maybe they have a reason they didn’t tell you to think it might be that for some reason. Does this car have the fuel filter in the tank, or outside the tank? if outside the tank, it would be pretty inexpensive to have them replace it, just get that out of the way. If it is original to the car it needs to be replaced anyway.

If I had this problem I’d do three things first. Check for stored and pending codes. Check for spark. And measure the fuel pressure. The latter two when the symptom is occurring.

The odds of it being the fuel filter are zero in my opinion. An intermittent fuel pump could cause a problem like this but that’s an expensive guess.

Assuming there is no CEL and no codes popping up I would randomly guess at a crank position sensor as those can be problematic and random with any make of car due to heat and vibration which can affect them.

I’m also assuming (right or wrong) that the engine will not start even if the pedal is held down to the floor.
That information could swing the guessing a bit in another direction.

I’m not sure if its inside or outside the fuel tank, it is the original fuel pump, I just don’t to want to replace the fuel pump and it not be the issue, and How do I check the stored/pending codes, and what do you mean by check for spark and they are a pretty genuine shop so they said the fuel pressure is good

If they know how to check the fuel pressure, they’ll know how to check for spark. And they should know how to check the diagnostic trouble codes too. A generic OBD II code reader is required for most of the codes, which I’m sure they have one of those. Sometimes there are special Ford codes stored, and that requires a more specialized code reader. Like a Ford dealership would have. But for your symptom, you probably don’t need that.

As per the fuel filtering , here’s what seems to be the case for the 2001 Ford Taurus with the V6 3.0 Vin S engine.

There’s a fuel intake sock on the fuel pump and is part of the fuel pump ass’y. There’s a fine mesh screen at the fuel rail, part of the injector ass’y. There a screen on the fuel pressure regulator, part of the fpr ass’y. Finally, there’s a fuel filter located outside the tank, between the tank and the injectors, and looks to be replaceable.