Car won’t go past 2.5k rpms

I’ve got a 2007 PT Cruiser, base model. Almost every day sometimes multiple times per drive, my engine light will turn on, and right when it turns on, my car will no go past 2.5k rpm’s. All I do is unplug the negative battery terminal and plug it back in, and the engine light will turn off and car will drive fine till it turns on again. Any ideas?

Yes, have the error codes read for free at an auto parts store when the light comes on and report them back here… in the format P1234.

If that light is flashing…stop driving the car as damage can occur.


It sounds like the computer is going into a limp mode when the light turns on.

You need to get the code(s) read to determine why the Check Engine light is coming on.



Concur w/above comments. Your car’s powertrain computer is detecting something amiss in your engine or transmission. The computer believes this is serious enough it could cause an accident or damage something, so it limits the engine rpm until you have a chance to have the problem looked at by a shop. When you disconnect the battery that causes the computer to forget there’s a problem, so it lets you drive normally for a while, until it detects the same problem again.

Don’t disconnect the battery before taking it to the shop (or getting the codes read) b/c if you do, the diagnostic codes the shop needs to effect the repair will be erased before they can be read.


Thank you for the tip, I’ll try and see if the light will turn on tomorrow, it doesn’t flash so that’s a good thing I guess

Most likely it is going into limp mode which in Chryslers case is usually related to the transmission . .It does this to try and protect said tranny when there is a problem .

P0340, camshaft position sensor. You think it’s a fix I can do by myself? Ive only done minor fixes by myself. Alternator, starter, brakes, spark plugs, stuff like that

PT Cruiser Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement - YouTube

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