Limp Home Mode?

I have a 2005 PT Cruiser with 86k miles. In the last month two different times, it suddenly out of nowhere had the check engine light come on, followed by hesitation at around 2500 rpm.

I got it repaired, but I was curious. Is there a mode that the engine will go into automatically to protect itself from damage that limits the rpms? I was able to accelerate to speed but it took a little longer than usual.

Yes. It’s called the LIMP mode.

If the computer loses an input that could cause damage to the engine or to cause the engine to stop running, the computer goes into the LIMP mode.

Instead of relying on that signal value, the computer uses a default value programmed into the computer so the vehicle can be limped home.


Cool. Thanks for the reply. The first time, I panicked. I was afraid that it was going to just cut off in the middle of the road, and almost had to get a wrecker.

The second time I thought that might be the case of a safe mode thing so I just drive it gently to the repair shop.

Nice to know.