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Car will slightly shake when mph reach 30-40

Hello! I have a 2005 Honda Accord EX and it has been running great until recently. Last summer, I noticed that when I accelerate to about 35-40 mph, the gas pedal will start to shake. After it has passed 40 mph, the shaking disappears. I’ve had this problem before with my 1996 Toyota Camry except with the Camry, the shaking occurs at 55 mph. I got new tires for the Camry but the shaking didn’t go away. Before I could diagnose what was wrong with it, the transmission gave up and I eventually junked the car and bought my brand new 2005 Accord. Now, the Accord is having the same shaking problem except it occurs at 35-40 MPH. Help!!! What is going on with my car and how can repair this issue??? Thank you in advance!

I guess it will be an unsolved mystery…

So this shaking is while you’re “on the gas” ? How about when slowing down? If you’re on level just driving along at 35-40 mph . . does it shake? I’m trying to eliminate wheel balance problems, CV problems, stuff that happens at a certain speed/mph not related to the engine revs. How many miles on the Accord? How are the front tires? Pressure OK? Could be a simple tire balance issue . . but your acceleration issue makes me think otherwise. Rocketman

Gas pedal shakes but no mention of steering wheel shake? As mentioned speed dependent shakes a primairly a tire issue