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Car shakes beginning at 55mph when accelerating

I recently purchased 4 brand new michelin tires. They are approximately 3 months old now. Beginning a couple weeks ago, my car started shaking profusely at 60mph when accelerating. When I let off the gas, it would stop. I went and got a tire balance thinking that was the problem… but it’s still happening, and now it starts at about 55mph. I have no clicking sounds when turning the wheel, and my car runs great besides this! Any thoughts on what this could be?

Yes, It’s not tires. Tire rellted vibrations would occur in the 50 to 70 mph range but would be there all the time, not just when acceleratuing.

I would look at the CV joints (FWD) or the U joints (RWD).

a couple of possibilities

bad CV joint, bad motor/transmission mount allowing the motor to move out of its normal position