Car shakes

My car a 98 Honda CRV shakes when I reach 35-45 mph and stops when I let off the gas a little and the steering shakes as well, please help me what can be the problem?

What happens after 35-45?

The car shakes and “the steering wheel shakes as well” - so you mean that you feel the vibration both in your seat and in your steering wheel?

In any case - you have provided very minimal information which always makes it harder to help. But if you get a whole car & steering wheel vibration that is ONLY associated with acceleration and stops when you let off the gas, then you’ll need to have someone inspect both your drive shafts and motor/transmission mounts.

The frontend shakes in the wheel area and the steering wheel vibrates also but this is not all the time but enough to be annoying. Between 35-45 sometime 50 mph it will shake when I let off the gas it stops and once I get passed 50 it’s a smooth ride. You can hear it also not just feel it and it sounds like a flat tire, that wobbling sound. Does this help you any?