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Vibration (buzz) in gas pedal and steering wheel

2010 honda accord coupe ex-l 2.4 4 cylinder engine. I have been experiencing vibration in my gas pedal and steering wheel for as long as ive owned the car. I bought it brand new in February. I now have 12,000 miles on the car. The vibration on the gas pedal is present at all speeds-worse at highway speeds. Ive had many cars, and never have i had a vibration from the pedal before. I can feel the vibrations even if i rest my foot on the accelerator while coasting down a hill. The vibrations are also present while driving if i drop the car in neutral. This is very annoying for me since i drove over 60 miles a day. I’ve taken the car to the dealership, and they told me they “adjusted the pedal” which i know is a bunch of bull and was their way of getting me out of their hair. I’ve looked online and see that some possible causes could be engine mounts/transmission mounts. I cant imagine this being a problem on a relatively new car. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Drive another 2010 Accord with the same engine at the dealership and see if it feels different. If so, make them fix your car. Get this fixed before the warranty expires.

I have to ask - did you feel these vibrations when you test drove the car prior to purchase?

Did you express to the dealership that you would like them to actually FIX the problem?

You may have to explain to them that they will first need to FIND the problem.

The best advice I could give you would cause this post to be “removed to the moderation queue.”

Why are you not getting the job done?

I don’t remember if i felt the vibrations during the test drive. The test drive was only about 10 min. I could have been so excited about getting the car that i overlooked this issue. It almost seems as if the vibration is slowly getting worse.

I’ve had this car to the dealership about this twice. The first time when i went to pick up the car, they forgot to look why the gas pedal was vibrating after my oil was changed. I was pressed for time cause i had to get to work, so they didnt check it that day. The second time, they looked at it and said they adjusted the pedal and it should be good now. The dealership is 30 miles from my home, so that is an issue, plus i dont want them wasting my time like they did with the past 2 experiences with them. This is why im searching online for better answers. I wanted to find out more online, then go to them with more knowledge about this as well as some possible solutions.

I wish I knew enough to help you. You must still be under warranty. How about taking it to a different dealer? If you go back to the same one, they should give you a loaner and keep the car until they fix the problem.

Hey im erloiseau what you need to check first before you do anything else check your tires balance, if they balance. check the rotor, motor mount, steering wheel bearing its easy