Car will not run

1987 dodge shadow with turbo 130,000 miles Running at about 40 mph down dirt road. metal tapping sound went about 1 mile further started loosing power decided to go back home started u turn car died. Engine hot oil stick smoking when checked oil (fine) Coolent fine wouldn’t restart, kindof catch and sputter than die again. Got started once again run about 100 ft watched temp needle go hot again turned off coasted, got it towed home someone get me started in the right direction please???

From what you describe, you may have blown a head gasket, and/or you thermostat is stuck shut. Are the drive belts all still working? You need a thorough analysis of the problem by a competent mechanic, but your engine might be toast. If so, only used engine from a wrecking yard would be a cost-effective sloution for this type and age of car.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that since it still runs it isn’t seized up.

The bad news is that it sounds like you’ve severely overheated it. The oil filler tube should not smoke. And the temp needle should not go hot in 100 feet of driving.

The metal tapping sound was probably the bearings, or maybe the sound of compressed combusting gasses from the cylinder(s) blowing through a large headgasket breech into the water jacket. Another way to describe it is the shock wave from the combustion now going into the engine block rather than all pushing the piston down in a controlled manner.

At this stage there’s a good chance you’ve warped a head. You need to start with a pressure leakdown test to diagnose it definitively and see which cylinder blew. Or, perhaps the condition of the spark plugs will give you a clue.

Now, back to the good news. If you replace the headgasket and have the head shaved (if it’s warped from overheating) you MIGHT be able to get some more miles out of the engine. But unless you’re doing the work yourself, don’t spend the money…the odds of getting a decent motor out of this are not good. Look for a used motor or, if the rest of the car is in great shape and you like it, a remanufactured long block.