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88 Dodge Ram 50 Pick-up

My truck is the Mitsubishi 2.6L automatic with only 68,000 original miles on it. i’ve already replaced the head, radiator, timing chain, fuel pump, gas filter, air filter, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, oil and filter.

it runs great and uses very little gas, BUT when i shut it off and start it back up hot it runs like a dog. it fights me and loses power. sometimes i can’t get it to 25 mph going uphill. i straight piped the catalyic converter cause i thought maybe it was clogged. it wasn’t, i have the same problem. Like i said on a cold start i can drive from NY to LA and she runs great, with good gas mileage, but shut her off and restart and she fights me. she spits and putters and acts kinda like a vacuum leak, but if it were vacuum why does it act up only when started up hot? when shes acting up and won’t go and i put it in nutral and floor it or rev it up she acts fine except blows alot of black smoke out the tailpipe. when i put it back in drive it starts fighting me again? she drivin me nuts. can somebody help me? Thanks.

Is this truck carburated? If it is the following may apply. At first I was thinking you had a vapor lock problem with a fuel line too close to a hot exhaust component. However, the blowing ‘black smoke’ indicates that the mixture is excessively rich. If you are not getting a flooded warm start condition, I would suspect the fuel is boiling in the fuel bowl. In this case check the early evaporation heat source i.e. a stuck exhaust director valve (sorry I just cannot think of the correct name. It is the valve that sends exhaust flow under the hot spot of the manifold on carb engines.) On old V8s it would stick closed and roast the carburator as well as restrict the flow down one of the header pipes. If you are getting a warm start flood and a ‘loading’ on idle, you will probably have to rebuild the carburator paying attention to the condition and sealing of the fuel inlet needle valve.

Hope that leads you in the right direction.

what if i simply replace the carb rather than rebuild it? will this problem ruin the new carb?

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