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Won't start

98 dodge dakota 4 cy manuel

changed head gasket water pump etc.

cranked engine and running good for 2or3 min. coughed once and stopped won’t start back. has spark,fuel,ing fuse is good


When trying to start it, does it sound normal other than not starting?

Why did you change the head gasket?  Did you change it before or after having start problems?

the engine was running good when it stopped
it sounds normal when turning over
changed the head gasket before start prob.
i’ve been testing this and that today
it has spark but i’m not sure if it is enough.when wife gets home
will ck coil spark? maybe?

Does it still have compression?

i believe so i will ck that also

Just in case you couldn’t find the instructions for removing and installing the cylinder head in your repair manual, I found these:

manual not needed with some past exp.
removed head was cleaned and surfaced before reinstall
with bolts torqued in order to 110#
i’m leaning toward timing
it has spark,fuel
setting the crank by hand to tdc and removing the dist cap
it looks like the rotor is 20 deg from #1 post

using the thumb method it has compression on 1&2
didn’t ck 3&4

why is because i was a dummie
it ran hot and i tried to make it to work anyway
didn’t make it