Engine cranks but wont start Help please

1987 dodge dakota truck with carb .replaced coil and coil wire getting currrent to coil but no spark from end of coil wire NONE enginewill crank but not start no sparrk at spark plugs (seems none getting to distributor)did take new coil back to store they tested it and told me it was good hope u can help .

From your explanation, I can only understand that the coil wire, from the coil to the distributor is the problem. If you are getting a spark from the coil itself but not from the wire, there it is.

replaced coil wire with new one still same problem

anyone have any suggestions i am lost here would apreciate any ideas

I am like the others and don’t exactly understand where you have power and where you don’t, but if I understand correctly apparently the electronic controll module isn’t working (burnt up, or open circuit internally) and is not makeing and breaking the circuit so as to allow the coil to “fire”

NOTE: These modules are generally made of plastic (the outer case) and many times will show a burnt mark or a small melted bubble look which occour due to overheating and burning out. I can’t guarantee this is your problem, but if yours has a burn mark on it then it is about 99% sure. If it has no burn mark or bubble, it’s still a “definite maybe” for being at fault.

just wondering if there is anyway of testing the ECM { on the 1987s they call it a spark control computor} i have checkeked ignition relay replaced coil, coil wire,rotor, and pickup coil, itook cover off EMC nothing looked burnt or melted to the eye, board and conections looked ok so did pinns and plugs but i know looks can be decieving

The ones that I have seen that are bad are usually burnt. The Dodge dealer will probably check it for you but will probably charge you. Auto Zone and a few other auto stores check stuff for free. You might call a few of them and see. How did you check the ignition relay. Tell me how you checked it, what procedure?

replaced it with a new one

yah orielys and auto zone said they had no way of checking but dodge dealer suonds like great idea thanks

"replaced it with a new one"
lol, ok that’ll do it. Is the best way when you’re in doubt.

If Dodge says it is ok then the only thing I can think of that’s left is a loose wire somewhere but I’m guessing you already checked them. The wires in the “plug on connectors” have “lock tabs” that are suppose to secure their place in the w. p. connectors, but I suppose one of the locks could have come loose or broken and as you are pushing the connector on, the wire is being pushed back into the connector instead of makeing contact. Not too likely but it’s possible. Let us know what you find.