Shattered passenger window

unfortunately, my son shattered the passenger window of a volvo…we paid to have the window replaced. They hired a “come to you” glass co. to fix it. Now they are saying the regulator that makes the window go up and down is not working. I spoke to a mechanic and they are of the opinion that the broken window would not cause the regulator to break; however improper installation of the window could cause it. Thoughts?

How was the window broken? If it slipped off of the track and the regulator/motor crushed it and ruined itself in the process, then the installer is unlikely to be at fault.

If the window was broken by say, a rock or baseball then it might be the installer’s fault. Impossible to prove either way.

It seems too coincidental. Did the window ever go up or down after the repair? if so how long until it stopped? I agree with your mechanic, and would add it is possible a connector was not secured and came off.

Thanks for the reply. No, I do not believe that the window ever went up and down after the repair. The mechanic said that the regulator could have been damaged if all of the glass was not cleaned up after it was installed. Never thought about the connection. thanks

a rock is the culprit. The owner of the car said the window worked fine before the broken window. Either way…not a good situation. thanks,

It is Not likely the regulator was broken when the window was broke

Give the repair company a call, tell them it does not work after the replacement and if they are any good at all they will find the problem, and should fix it for free if it was due to an error on their work.

They know it does not work…I believe that they told the lady that it is due to the rock hitting the window. So she called me to pay for the regulator and the labor (another $350).

You’ve got bigger fish to fry. Your son needs to be thinking about how he’s going to come up with (at least) $350. You’re scr3w3d.

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