Car value drop

I wanted some opinions from real people so I was wondering how much does car bumper cover (rear in my case )damage decrease selling value to private parties and so should I pay $400-450 to fix it or just sell it as is ? 05 malibu v6

Damage is to an extent you clearly see there was a collision and there is a big dent but only damage was done to the plastic cover.

I googled it but there is just so many different answers that is not narrowing down anything like “oh your estimate is between 200 and 2000 dollars” like what the hell, lol.

Well , you did not say what this vehicle is and your profile is hidden so I could not look at your other threads for a clue. I would just walk away from a damaged vehicle because that tells me that might be other things that you did not fix.

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Ask your asking price and say if you want this fixed it will be this estimate from repair shop additional, or you can take it as is and have it repaired on your own dime. It can get messy, I would go for as is.

This is a 15 year old car. A very rough search shows a selling price of $500 to $2,500. The repair is going to cost you way more that you will get back on the selling price. Just sell it as is and hope for the best


For an 05 Malibu, I wouldn’t bother spending $500 on the bumper. The buyer of this car just needs cheap transportation. Would care about the mechanicals and would be happy to get a discount for a damaged bumper.


Them said it was an '05 Malibu. I think it depends on the buyer and whether they want a pristine car and are willing to pay, or they want a good price and can live with the damage. I can’t imagine spending that kind of money though just to sell it private. If it were mine, I’d just fix it myself for $50, but forget paying someone to do it, IMHO anyway.

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Just buying a sprayer is almost $50 + primer,paint and clear coat it probably will be $150 atleast when I checked, it was around that price. But would be happy to know where you buy that cheap paint. My bumper has a lot of cracks so that is why it is kind of expensive. $250 paint and $150 bumper + possible taxes.

Another vote for “save your money and sell it as-is”. You will pay way more to fix this than the difference in value between selling it as-is, or selling it with this minor cosmetic damage repaired. This is a $1500 to $2500 car depending on mileage and overall condition. It is not new enough, nor valuable enough to justify spending money for bodywork prior to selling it.

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Not counting the $90 or so for a aftermarket rear bumper that you still have to paint, salvage yards want more than that for a bumper cover in decent shape.

People are going to knock your price with visible flaws, it is part of negotiating. You may have set your price based on the condition of the vehicle, it is unreasonable to discount a low value 16 year old vehicle $500 because of cosmetic damage to the rear bumper cover. Someone who understands that you can’t see the rear bumper while driving might pay more.

Perhaps a time machine and go back 25 years. If you have a lot of time on your hands you might search the self serve salvage yards for a bumper of the same color in better condition, probably not worth the effort.

Well I have all that stuff except the color coat which is why I said if it was me, I’d fix it myself. You aren’t me and don’t even have a sprayer so forget fixing it. Guess I was unclear.

$40.99 for a bumper cover at Pick N Pull here. Their website has an inventory search so you can see if nearby yards have one or not. And if it’s the same color.

There are two pick-a-part yards here, they have pictures of the front of the vehicles online, the condition of the rear is a mystery. I can walk through 15 cars of my make and model and not find the part I need.

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We have one here and the next closest is in Tacoma so a bigger selection. It would be nice to see more than one view of the car.