98 Toyota Camry V6 Carbon Canister

I have difficulty fueling vehicle as it keeps shutting off pump even at lowest flow rate. Doesn’t matter where I get fuel. Someone indicated could be carbon canister being plugged. Where is this and is it something I can change?

not your problem.

but very easy to change.

and it is a charcoal canister.

And it is expensive. A mechanic would likely charge about $300. (or more) for this job.

$400 at a dealer. my wife’s 4 cylinder 98.

If canister is bad it should cause a servise engine light to come on.
There is a vent hose from filler neck to canister that needs to be checked also some have a check valve

I agree with the others who suggest the charcoal canister is not responsible for the problem. Probably a vent valve has malfunctioned.

I am going to suggest it could be the canister, but that would not be the first thing I would check. Are you in the habit of topping off the tank (back when it did not have this problem?) How long has it been doing it? Has there been any accident damage in the area of the filler? Has the CEL (Check Engine Light) come on?

I’m trying to troubleshoot the same problem with a '98 Camry. I removed the filler neck, thinking there was an obstruction, but found nothing. The tank itself seems to have some sort of flap inside the fill neck that I suspect may be malfunctioning, but as the car belongs to another person who lives at some distance, I’ve not been able to revisit the situation. Am I on the right track, and is this problem repairable, or does the car need a new fuel tank? I wonder if luthersdad has resolved the issue, and if so, what was the outcome?