Door adjar light

Okay this may sound like a minor issue but it is driving me nutts. Every morning I get up and drive to work and no light. However by the evening, when I drive home my Door adjar light will not go off. I can stop, open all doors and such and slam them closed and still the light. However the next morning, and again no light. What could be causing this?

One of your door latch mechanisms (which is hidden inside your doors or body) have a stuck “door closed” switch. Take WD-40 with the skinny red straw in one hand and a wad of paper towels in the other hand and spray all up in where the latch is. Move it around while spraying so you will get it nice and lubricated. Use the papertowels to catch any drips and wipe the visible oil left behind. I’ve done this on many cars, and even my own Ford (windstar) many years ago, and the problem never came back. The door locks work like new.

But why doesn’t the light come on in the am when it is cold but as the day warms up it stays on?

It has more to do with the elapsed time.
The time it takes for it finally spring back to off.

These vehicles have had a habit of the door latches doing this. The jamb switch is in the latch. Don’t use WD40. It will gum up and stick even more than the latches are now. Soak the door latches with PB Blaster and open/close the doors several times. Should do the trick.