Outdoor car storage in Mass?

I need to store my Honda accord out in the yard in Western Massachusetts from October till May. We don’t have room for a garage. I have been told that a car cover will allow moisture under it and long term this will damage the paint. Should I cover it or leave it under the Hemlock and Pine trees to be covered with needles and snow?

If those are the only choices, cover it. The debris from the trees will be worse than the cover. If you can park it in the open, do that, without a cover.

Make SURE you add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, and fill the tank, before you park the car. Remove the battery (make sure you have the radio security code) and store it the garage, up off the floor.

As MC said. If you can’t store it in the open or under a roof then use a cover to protect it from as much as possible that will be falling off the trees and out of the birds in the trees.

Use the stabilizer and remove the battery. It not only protects the battery but it makes the car a lot harder to steal.

Go ahead and store it on the floor of the basement if you like. That issue, what there really was about it went out with hard rubber case batteries.

Snow is not a problem. In some ways it will protect your finish when it accumlates on the vehicle.

The pine needles and sap will wreck havoc on the finish if there is any left. I believe there are quality car covers out there however be prepared to spend many $$$$ of dollars for one that breaths properly.

And leave the windows open a little to vent the car during that time

If you value the car, there is a third option. A portable garage that erects like a large tent; does not touch the car, does not rap moisture, and keeps out the elements, including bird droppings, etc. The cost of these is reasonable, and can be resold when you no longer need it. Many classic car owners go this route.

i agree with the portable shelter idea, UNLESS you are not going to be able to sweep the snow off it, if you get a large wet snowfall. a huge amount of snow can buckle the roofs of these units.

also, get the round roof type. the flat, or vee shape collapse easily under load. the round roof is more stable, and sheds snow better.

I agree on this. These shelters get crushed if anything accumulates on them like snow/slush and then it rains.

Also they are a blight to the landscape if that matters in the yard your putting it in.

We have stored a car outdoors, 6-8 months at a time, on Cape Cod for years. A quality tarp works much better than no tarp. 10’X 20’ works good for a full-size car. Tie it down snuggly so it can not flap in the wind. Heavy cord works better than bungees. Moth balls seem to discourage chipmunks and other vermin, but it takes a week to get rid of the smell when the car is put back in service. Pump the tires up to 40psi (they will slowly go down), change the oil, remove the battery, add Stabil to the fuel. Using this procedure, we have had no problems…

agree with the portable shelter idea, UNLESS you are not going to be able to sweep the snow off it, if you get a large wet snowfall. a huge amount of snow can buckle the roofs of these units.

The units I’ve seen, the snow has no effect on them what-so-ever. My sisters neighbor has one to store their Vet into for the winter. The top of the tent is round so the snow just falls off. If this stands up to where my sister lives it will stand up anywhere. Her town averages about 300" of snow annually. Last year they had over 500".

I would put a tarp or plactic underneath it as well. The underside of the vehicle will be exposed to less moisture.

Consider a reinforced plastic tarp rather than a canvas one. The canvas will soak through unless it is impregnated with rubber.

I should dig up a picture of my friends MG under a crushed tent. It was a sticky slop snow storm with accumulation of sleet/snow that then turned to ice/slush/rain and crushed his tent.

I agree snow is fine it slides right off typically.

A similar thing happened during a winter storm with a shelter for sheep in my mum’s fields. She lives 7 miles inland so she gets the sloppy stuff a lot.

My sisters area gets MOSTLY heavy wet snow. That’s what lake effect snow is…especially in November and March. The tent has seen 3 winters and no problem yet. Maybe my sisters neigbor has a different tent.