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Car stereo

I wanna put 2 12inch pioneer subwoofers in to my 2006 nissan maxima with a factory radio.where do i start and what do i need

Check out , you need to figure out how to add an amp to power those subwoofers or disconnect the existing one(es) and use those wires if your vehicle is equipped with an upper end system.

there is a kit you can buy that will hook up to your back speakers that will turn into your rca out then you need to run power from you battery to the trunk and find a ground in you trunk then the last thing you need ia an acc wire you can run that from ithere the back of the stereo or the fuse panle where the stereo fuse is

you most likly will have to go to the store and get an audio input device so u can run your audio cables from your speaker wire that way you can even hook up the amp and thats about all you need other then the speakers box amp and of course amp wiring kit