2002 Nissan Maxima Audio System

For a few months my audio system has been acting up - Resetting the presets every morning when it starts, loading and unloading cds. While this was going on my battery died and I thought that it was related to battery being week. Well the battery was replaced and the problems still continued until one morning this week I had no power at all to the audio system. It beeps when I start the car and that is it. No radio tuning volume light,cd, tape absolutely nothing from the console. But I can get the radio to work still by pushing the mode button on the steering wheel but the CD player has nothing using this either.

Any suggestions of how to fix this?

The only way to fix it is to pull it and take/send it someplace. The electronics are made by Clarion so they are pretty decent. It might be worth getting it fixed. The alternative is buying a new aftermarket one from someplace like Crutchfield.com. As for what the problem is…it’s really impossible to tell over the internet.