Maxima radio

1998 Maxima I want to change out the Bose radio. I want to change out the radio to a new pansonic. Any problem using the Bose speakers in the car.

It depends. What’s the resistance of the Bose speakers? Make sure the Panasonic can drive the speakers without being overloaded. Is there a sub-woofer involved? This could be tricky.

What’s wrong with the original Bose radio? Bose components are made to work together as a unit. If you change part of the system you may wind up with worse sound than you had when you started.

I’m not saying “Don’t do it,” because the thing I’m most likely to change on a car is the stereo system. But you have to be careful. “Improving” a Bose system may be harder than you think.

First off the electronics are made by Clarion…NOT BOSE. Only the speakers are made by Bose.

Second…there is a seperate amp for the speakers. And in some cases…each speaker has it’s OWN amp. This being a 98…the same as my pathfinder with the Bose system…then I suspect each speaker will have it’s own amp.

Check with Crutchfield to see what they recommend for a replacement unit. Basically all you’ll be replacing is the head unit.

Also…if you do a google search you’ll find several places that repair these units at a MUCH CHEAPER cost then buying new. And you’ll probably be better off. Clarion makes some very fine electronics…IMHO…FAR BETTER THEN ANYTHING PANASONIC ever made. If you live in New England there’s a place in Shrewsbury MA that is one of these places that repairs the Clarion Electronics. In fact he specializes in it.

Crutchfield has adapters to match the Bose speaker systems to an aftermarket head unit. The thing is, if you are hoping to improve your sound you may need to have the speaker systems rebuilt/repaired. They are known to degrade over time. As MikeInNH says, there are places that specialize in these repairs. Do a Google or Yahoo search for Nissan/Bose speaker repairs to locate some places.