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Car stalls

Have a '92 Olds Cutlass Ciera 6 cyl 3300 engine. After 20-30 mins of driving it dies when I have to stop for a light. Depressing the brake kills the engine. Starts right up after but as soon as I put it in drive, it dies. If the car sits for 20 mins or so after problem begins it’s okay. If I get to an intersection and have to stop, I put it in neutral. When I have to go again I rev the engine, let it die down some and then put it in drive (hard on the car, I know, but it’s only way to get going again. Once I’m moving, I can accelerate and it’s okay. What is wrong with my car?

The problem may be a bad or sticking idle air control valve.

To FordMan59:
Thank you so much. We replaced the idle air control valve and the problem was solved.

If your problem recurs, another thing you may need to consider is the torque converter clutch solenoid. Many GMs of this era develop that issue over time. If the TCCS sticks in the “on” position, your torque converter will remain locked up, causing the car to stall when you bring it to a stop. Basically, it will act like a stick shift car left in gear with the clutch released, bucking and eventually stalling. Shifting back to drive will result in a “slam” and usually the engine dying again, like dumping the clutch in a stick shift car. I had to replace the TCCS on the TH125C transmission in my 1990 Buick Skylark about four years ago for this problem. Pretty simple, drain the fluid, remove the side cover and swap out the solenoid.