Stalls when stopping - 94 grand am


Sometimes when stopping it stalls.

After it stalls it starts right up in park but when I put it in drive it stalls again.

This happens once or twice then it’s fine.

The car runs great aside from this problem.

The car has a 2.3L 4cyl and 160,000+ on it.

Please help if u can


You may have a dirty throttle body or a possible faulty IAC valve.


Sounds like a failed torque convertor solenoid. Consult a tranny technician.


Does the car have any trouble starting ever?
Does the car idle poorly? Shudder or stumble?
Does the car, when you are stopping, shake and sputter as it dies?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it may be an idle control problem, an ignition problem, a fuel system problem, intake problem, an emisssions problem or a mechanical problem with the engine.

If the answer was yes to ALL THREE questions, then you probably have an idle control, ignition, or mechanical problem. The other possibilities are still possible but this would bump the just mentioned three possibilities to the front of the line.

If the answer to all of those questions was NO, then you have a problem with the Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) system. Try disconnecting the TCC wiring harness at the transmission, see if the problem goes away. If it does, you either have an electrical problem, bad solenoid, a bad TCC (turn this over to a transmission shop) or a computer problem.

The possibility for the originally mentioned problems still exists, but if the answer to the three questions was no, then check the TCC first.



This is a classical case of the torque converter clutch apply hydraulic circuit stuck ‘on’. Usually the problem is with a stuck torque converter lockup solenoid. Replacement usually solves the problem.


It has an mfi not tbi.
What does IAC stand for?


Yep my vote is for the tcc solenoid too. If it acts like a manual transmission would without pushing the clutch in. What it is doing is failing to unlock the transmission. There is a square four prong plug under the hood on the transmission housing. You can unplug it to see if that stops the problem. It will disable the lock up feature which will cost mileage a little but can confirm the problem.


Bing is likely correct. If you reach down on the passenger side, just behind the radiater and perpendicullar with the master cylinder, to the transmission case, a multi-wire connection will be found. Unplug that and the lock-up clutch will be disabled. Your problem will disappear with no noticeable difference in operation and minimal loss of fuel economy when driven normally.


THANKS 2 all who helped.
It was the torque convertor soleniod.


Glad you found the fault.

My IAC answer was a guess at best.

IAC stands for Idle Air Control. The valve can get dirty and can be cleaned or replaced if necessary and controls the idle (air/fuel mix).


Cool. GM TH125c transaxles are NOTORIOUS for that, thankfully it is a pretty easy fix.