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1986 Olds, delta 88

What would be some reasons for the car to stall out when I slow down to stop for a traffic signal or turn a corner ?? It does

this if it’s been running 15 min or an hour. I’m desparate and my mechanic can’t nail it down.

Depending on the exact symptoms that only a road test can provide, the torque converter lock up solenoid sticking is one option. If the converter does not unlock when slowing down, it would be like not putting the clutch in on a manual transmission. If you’ve got a faulty idle air control motor also.

The obvious things aren’t always the answer. Sometimes, the answers can be crazy ones. I had an Escort that did that. The wires on the ignition pickup were frayed badly, causing the engine to cut out for a second now and then. It stalled sometimes as you came to a stop. I had a manual transmission, so the vacuum advance was always moving the pickup whenever the driver would shift gears. My wires wore out about 1990, yours may be due about now. It’s just one more thing to check as well as the vacuum advance. Make sure it holds vacuum and isn’t stuck. Make sure the rotor isn’t damaged and that the center electrode in the distributor cap isn’t broken or missing entirely.

Auto or manual transmission?

Uh, that would be an auto.

Is this car carburated or injected?


fuel injected

One more try. Has the check engine now or check engine soon light ever been on. Your car is so old that the computer could be gone. I had an 85 Cadillac that did that and the computer was at fault. 4.1 engine.