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1991 Chevy Cavalier dieing after driven for 45 minutes

I have 1991 Chevy Cavalier with about 90,000 miles.

The car dies when I stop at a light or stop sign after driving it about 20 miles (30-45 minutes). It shakes and sputters when it is about to come to a complete stop and then dies. The engine will restart immediately and you can continue driving, but it will continue to die at the next stop. Letting the car set for a while will fix the problem until it is driven for 30-45 minutes again. I have replaced the coils, ignition module, plug, wires and cleaned the injector below the air cleaner. None of this has helped. Lately the problem has gotten worse. The last time it die the engine would restart but when I put it in drive it would die. We called a tow truck, but by the time it arrived the car started and continued to run okay when put in drive. We had it towed back home anyway. The car is not overheating. The last couple times before it died I have heard a faint pinging and slight squeal as the car is slowing down. Any suggestions as what maybe causing the car to die after being driven for 30-45 minutes?

If this happens when the brake is applied, it could be the brake power booster is leaking vacuum (allowing air to go into the vacuum hose and back to the engine). This extra air car lean the air/fuel mixture too much, and the engine stalls. When stopping, see if it makes a difference in the engine rpm when you take your foot off the brake.
Another possibility is that the lockup torque converter may not be unlocking when speed drops below 30 mph, as it should disconnect. If the engine runs better when you put the transmission into neutral when stopping, have the automatic transmission lockup torque converter control solenoid and circuit checked out.

Thanks for the response. I have checked the vacuum lines and replaced couple that looked cracked. The line to the power brake booster was still good. The car runs great except the few seconds before it dies. I will have the automatic transmission lockup torque converter control solenoid and circuit checked out.

Replacing the TCC lockup solenoid should do the trick. From what you describe, the converter clutch is remaining locked up causing the engine to stall out when you stop.