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Engine stalls

'90 Olds Cutlass Ciera, auto, 3.3L V-6. Starts, runs, revs high & strong, not rough or stumbling at idle, but stalls immediately when put into gear. I suspected fuel filter and changed it. Discharge from old one was filthy, but new one did not solve stalling problem.

If it has auto idle speed control.That should be adjusted to middle range.

Thanks for the reply. It’s got an idle air speed motor, but it doesn’t seem to be adjustable. Idle sounds about right, not too fast or slow.

when was the last time it had plugs, wires, filter?

at this age i would think the throttle linkage and carb would be all gunked/gummed up. try a can of carb choke cleaner and clean up the intake and linkage (both in and outside the carb)