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2007 Ford Taurus-Sporadically Quits When Driving (esp. when air and radio on)

Can someone PLEASE help me figure out the cause of my 2007 Ford Taurus that sporadically shuts off while driving? This problem started to occur about a year ago when I was stopped at a light. Then it would start to shut off while driving around town. The problem now occurs when traveling 70 mph on a highway which is dangerous. I typically see the theft light, airbag light, etc. come on and the wheel locks up. IF I quickly turn off my radio and air or heat (not set on full blast) then the car typically returns to normal driving. If I do not turn off these items quickly then the car completely dies and I have to restart the car - so far the car has always restarted. This problem is quite sporadic - can be morning, night, been driving for 10 minutes or 40 minutes. It can happen one time and then not again for many months or it can happen 5 times in one day. I have taken it to 3 automechanics (this last one being the Ford dealer). They have checked the keys, key fabs, alternator, never throwing a computer code, etc. I have driven it to the mechanic as soon after it happens and no computer code thrown. This is getting quite dangerous and about ready to sell the car. Any ideas at all???

I have a similar problem except my 2007 Taurus with 74k miles on it shuts off when at idle or traveling below 10mph. traveling faster than 10mph causes the car to stall a bit and continue driving. Theft light comes on. I have changed my battery, key, fuel filter, idle air intake solenoid, air filter. the computer passes all tests.

I read this post a week ago and had hoped to have some advice for you. I have none. I think that we both need to go buy an El Camino or something with electronic ignition only. ha ha.

seriously, I am just considering getting rid of this car… especially if it could die and have the wheels lock up at 70mph in the future. it’s bad enough locking up at 10mph.

It sounds to me like you both might just need new ignition switches.

Do either of you have lots of keys on your key ring? Might try driving with just the ignition key, see if that makes a difference.

Could be a bad ignition switch, could also be the MAF sensor needs cleaning. yeti_burglar since your’s acts up at idle or low speeds I’d also suggest cleaning the IAC valve. How long since either of you had a tune up?

update… dealer replaced transceiver ring, PCV hose and connector, reprogrammed powertrain control module, and reprogrammed both my key and spare (the ignition key is all this particular model requires).

the car hasn’t died yet, but I just picked it up earlier today.

Been there, done that with a Buick Park Ave…in Philly…

Nothing better that the car stalling as you’re trying to merge into traffic that’s doing 75MPH! WHEEEHHHAAA! & other words…

Have your mechanic replace your ignition switch & lighten up your key ring.