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2002 Dodge Grand Caravan: startup problem

Hello name is Brandon, call me brando. I listen ur show weekly you guys seem helpful. I’m not just some idiot that is normally on the show. I just bought a 2002 dodge grand caravan el for $1000, with 164,000 miles. Very little rust under the car and on the frame. I live in muskegon mi. When I go to start the car, it wants to crank over and start right away, but something is holding from starting with in the first 3 seconds. I switched out the battery to see if that was it and it wasn’t. I’m thinking its the starter or alternator. Also the speakers inside on the left front to back,didn’t work while I was looking at it. Started driving it home cranked up rock 101.7 and the driver door speaker and the speaker in the back work just not the one on the dash.

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Unless the engine is not turning over in that first three seconds it would not be the starter as the problem.

If the engine IS turning over (that urrr urrr urrr) right away or even after three seconds it would not be the alternator. Only if the starter turned the engine slower than need be would I wonder if the alternator is not charging the battery enough.

If the engine starts but it takes three seconds to fire up. Try the key dance.
Turn the key to “Run” for two seconds, then off. Do not turn the key all the way to start. Do this about 10 times and on the tenth time try to start it. If it starts right away, the fuel pump is not holding residual pressure and needs to be replaced.

If it still has trouble starting, I would look into new plugs,and plug wires if it isn’t "coil over, an air filter, PCV valve.

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That show you listen to has been reruns for years and Ray does not answer posts here.

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Please explain in more detail what “something is holding from starting” means. Does it crank normally while you’re holding the key but not start? Does it crank slower than normal or stop cranking while you’re holding the key?