Car stalling

What would make a 2000 mercury grand marquis stall when turning right? I turned the key and it started running again. Check the engine light and it was po442 which is the emissions leak. Any ideas?

In a pinch, three left turns make a right.
If it makes you feel better, you can always participate in a NASCAR race without any problems.

Seriously now, does the car bog down badly when you turn the steering wheel right while you’re sitting still? If so, it could be that the power steering system is having some sort of issue, bogging the engine down too much.

If it has to be moving, it could be related to the fuel pump but I wouldn’t exclude a lose wire or wire that happens to short when you make a turn. Maybe a hose that’s leaking open a bit more when you make a turn.
That’ll be tricky to determine.
That P0442 is related to the evaporation system, which is kinda related to fuel system. It could be many things, though: even a loose or bad gas cap can throw that code. If it is related to your right hand turn problem, it kinda points towards your fuel system.

The car doesnt bog down. Its only done it 1 time so far. I checked as many wire connectors under the hood i could find, all seem to be ok. I checked the fuel cut off switch in the trunk it seems to be fine. I even thought maybe the key might have been loose. Cant get the car to do it again.

Intermittent problems are difficult to solve.