My car cuts out when I turn right



When I turn right, my 91 Ford Escort will suddenly lose all power in gas pedal, and then either go, or die. It starts right up when I turn off, then turn on. This can happen for 5-6 times (of turning), then be ok for a few times. Mechanic had it for over a week, decided to replace fuel pump, but problem persists. No probs turning left


This may be a problem in the ignition system. As you make a right turn, the engine moves, as it is supposed to do, on its mounts. A wire with a bare spot may be grounding against the engine, thus killing the ignition. A thorough visual inspection of the wires around the engine may lead you to the problem, and it doesn’t cost anything to look.


Just out of curiosity, did someone perhaps put a stereo in it? Did that same someone crawl up under the dash, and oh, perhaps wire it in themselves?

How about an after market alarm system? Put in by a hobbiest, and not a professional installer? Heck, even the pro’s make mistakes.

I like the ignition system thought best, but there are all kinds of electrical things that can cause it. I would start with any after market mods that were put in.


thank you - hmm, this car has had numerous electrical issues over its 20-year life span, I will try to check it out!


Thanks - nope, haven’t put anything extra in it, but appreciate the suggestion


How are the motor mounts? Is this fuel injected or does it have a carb?


Er, not sure… to both