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2004 Buick LeSabre - Objects to right turns

Car stops running while braking and turning right…NOT often but scary…plenty of gas in tank, HAD fuel pump replaced at 91,000 miles

I’d pull that fuel pump out and check to see if the pickup (intake hose) is positioned correctly.

Does it stumble and stall if you let the fuel tank run really low?


Could be related to a bad mass air flow or throttle position sensor, or possibly frayed wiring that only breaks connection on right turns (Had it happen to one of our cars)

I remember years ago when I was in high school, the service manager and head mechanic at the small DeSoto/Plymouth agency had a car with a problem with a car that would stall out on right hand turns. My dad’s car was in for something else, but this service manager always wanted to talk about problems he had figured out. At any rate, while I was picking up the family car, he asked me why I thought the car was stalling on right hand turns. I suggested that it was probably the float in the carburetor. He said, “That’s a good guess, but it’s wrong. Let me give you another hint: the engine didn’t sputter before it died. It just stopped”. The only thing I could think was something in the ignition system. He then showed me the car. The primary wire to the ignition coil would short to the block on right hand turns killing the ignition.
Now today’s cars don’t have carburetors, but they still have ignition systems. Perhaps something is killing the ignition on the car in question.
I have known four mechanics that liked to tell me about tricky auto problems they figured out. I think I learned more skills about solving problems than I did sitting in the classroom.

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