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Car stalling. Lincoln presidential 2001

We are having a problem with our car. It stalls periodically .our mechanic replaced a sensor but that did not solve the problem.does anyone have an idea of what might be causing it to stall.the folks at a lincoln dealership said they would check out the problem for $160 and let us know how much it will cost to fix.

Never heard of a Lincoln “Presidential” model and then you have GMC in the tag area which is even more confusing. Lots of sensors, so replacing one tells us nothing. All kinds of things make a car stall, as simple a needing a new air filter perhaps.

To get answers you need to be specific and accurate. Year, make, model, size of motor, type of transmission, details on the symptoms, details on the corrective actions taken, info on how the car has been maintained. This info means you will some good responses.

Check engine light on? Codes?

Also need to know if it stalls only at idle, only when pressing the brake, and so on.

correction the presidential was made by ford my mistake

I’ve still never heard of this model - is this a model sold somewhere else in the world other than the US, or do you have the wrong name?

The Lincoln “Presidential” was not actually a model name created by Ford.
Instead, it represented a package of dealer-installed aftermarket dress-up items designed to tart up the appearance of a generic Lincoln Town Car.

Special vinyl roofs, door edge guards, possibly gold-tone trim pieces, and similar items were added by some dealers, and then they slapped on a little aftermarket placard with the name Presidential to denote the “special” status of the car. Like with all aftermarket “dealer packs”, this involved sticking stuff worth–maybe–$200 on the car, and then jacking up the price by $1k or more.

This car is mechanically just like any other Lincoln Town Car.