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Lincoln ls 5 times to dealer problem not fixed

5 times to mike shad ford. spent $2400 Car will drive with no problem and shut off. Completely random cod or hot doesn’t matter. I does sometime sputter befor dying, Meeting with dealer mon.Oct 20 They said they do’t find a problem with the carcome pick it up. It is dangerous to drive. They replaced fuel pump and harneess 2nd time pcm computer. Always same symptons.

Intermittent problems like this are a big headache for the vehicle owner and the service shop. It sounds like the shop is leaning towards a fuel delivery problem. Have they replaced the fuel pump relay also? The problem may also be due to another power relay in the ignition circuit or possibly the igntion switch. Any clues you can think of that happen while the trouble is occuring can really help to solve the problem.

fuel pump jumper harness,clean throttle body, and bb sender an pumpasy aa wiring were checked

also it doesnt run quiet it seems a little rough after 1st time back ffrom dealer

I just have to ask, what is a bb sender, what is a pumpasy aa wiring, and what is a fuel pump jumper harness?

When the car dies, what do you do, call a tow truck, tow it to Dealer, Dealer trys to start car, car starts, all is good? They give car back, car dies again?

Several hundred possibilities could be weeded out if some trivia was provided.
What kind of Lincoln, how many miles on it, what year and engine, what exactly has been done up to this point, Check Engine Light on, CEL flashing or not, codes pulled, etc.?

A 92 Lincoln may have the same symptom as an '02 Lincoln and a different cause of that symptom.

sometime startlincoln ls 2000 with over 100k miles. Those part are on the bill. which is not very clear

“LS” is the model name. 2000 would a gen1. Is this the V8 or the V6? Has anyone looked at the MAF sensor? It can give very similar symptoms.
Maybe you need to try a different dealer?