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Car Sputtered and Died

Drove the car home from school for the weekend and it broke down only about 2 miles from home. It started to sputter and wanted to die when I pressed on the accelerator. I pulled off into a parking lot and shut it down.

I tried restarting it and it didn’t want to start back up (was cranking strong but wouldn’t start running).

My dad and I came back later and managed to get it running, and it idled just fine, but if I put it into drive and started to drive it it would start sputtering and wanted to die again. It eventually did up and die again when I was driving around the parking lot.

I didn’t have time around school to work on it and had it towed to my mechanic who found an open circuit in the wire connecting the ignition coil to the distributor cap and replaced the distributor cap and rotor while he was at it.

Got the car back today and it seemed to run great but I noticed on the drive home that if I get it above about 3000 RPM when accelerating it starts stumbling again but if I let off a little it’s just fine, any ideas what the remaining problem could be?

The vehicle in question is a 1989 Honda Accord SE-i (Fuel Injected) with 233,000 miles.

Well, a continuing ignition problem is still a possibility. Did new plugs & wires go along with the new cap & rotor?

You also need to get a fuel pressure gauge on it. That needs to be checked with some load on it - maybe with a gauge rigged up to drive around with.

Well, the plugs and wires are only two years old. I suppose it’s possible that the plugs became fouled when I was trying to restart it on the side of the road?