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Sputtery shaky honda at 1500 rpms

Hi, My 1990 Honda Accord just recently started sputtering and shaking a bit when I reach 1500 rpms, if I’m under that she’s fine and if I accelerate passed that she is fine. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what we can do, please help.

How old are all of your ignition components? Plugs, wires, distributor?

Someone should check your throttle position sensor for a dead spot.

+1 to Cig’s post.
You’d be amazed at how many problems go away with a good tuneup.

Worst case, a good shop can put an analyzer on your engine and run it. The oscilloscope of the analyzer will show a failure source as the engine moves through the RPM in question. If you have an ignition component breaking down, it’ll show on the scope.

Thank you! We changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributer cap, and rotator. I am about 3-4 weeks away from putting a better condition Honda Accord on the road so my Dad wants to run Patty (my current car) for a few weeks or until it dies. LOL could be any day, thanks for your help! P.S. the new parts did not help lol

Some Accords in that year used a throttle body injection system, which I always call a glorified carburetor. It has 2 injectors in the throat of the carbur err… “Fuel Injection Manifold.” If ONE of them fails, you can get symptoms like you’re experiencing.

I’d be looking at the injectors, except that you say you’re only going to have it for another 3 weeks, and so that might be overly expensive unless you plan on selling it, in which case you should get it running right if you want any money for it.