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Bad driving and aggressive behaviors

Is there a way to tell how a vehicle has been driven by using the vehicles computer to track it? Or does the vehicle do it automaticly?

Cars do not have “black boxes” like aircraft do.

You can tell a great deal as to how the car was driven by examining the tires, wear pattern on the pedals, general condition of the interior and exterior, and the under-hood condition. Also check the inside of the valve cover through the oil filler opening; if there is a lot of crud, the car has had few oil changes, and it’s wise to steer clear of it.

If there are a lot of scratch mark on the underbody, the vehicle has been carelessly driven.

Most vehicle computers will store up to 20 seconds of operation data after the ignition is turned off. But it requires a scanner with those capabilities. But if you want to know how the vehicle was driven fifteen minutes ago? No.


What i’m asking more specifically is can the computer track if the gas pedal has been tromped on or if the brake pedal has been slammed on or if you can tell if the car has been swerved alot?

No, the computer on almost any car is not programmed to record driver behavior, such as swerving or taking corners too fast. The oil change computer tracks the driving distance, number of starts, etc, to give an indication of remaining oil life.

If you the ON-STAR system from GM, it provides the location of the vehicle for pupose of locating it in case of theft. It can also be remotely disabled.

If the event occured within 20 seconds prior to the ignition being turned off, then yes. This data has been used in accident investigations. There was a court case recently where an officer was charged for manslaughter for the death of two girls. He claimed he stopped at the stop sign. When they pulled the data from the black box, it revealed that he never stepped on the brake pedal, and that he blew the stop sign doing 60 MPH, hitting the two girls broadside. The reason he was charged? From witness accounts, he was chasing a speeder without his siren or emergency lights on.


thank you

Not with standard equipment but the vehicle can be equipped with upgraded monitoring equipment and I believe there are companys that will do it for you.

Link for a event data recorder,some good info.

Agree; trucking, parcel delivery, and bus companies often have computers to log and monitor the vehicles; mostly to improve logistics and trip planning strategy.

These units are quite pricy, but someday they may be in every car.

The Nissan GTR has it to make sure you aren’t racing it on the street.

Past Or Future?

About $120 + shipping, for one such possible solution for future use.

Click link:

Can you let us in on what you’re trying to do?


The latest Lexus “I” series Tv ads promotes reckless driving as just some of the “fun” you can have with this car…I wonder how many ripped up lease cars this ridiculous promotion will produce…

trying to cover my backside for telling someone to drive safer with me in the vehicle and got fired from job for doing it

ya but do they promote the safety of others in the vehicle??? Funny how that never gets brought up!

Does the guy doing those drifts really look like the Lexus type?,he does have a tie on and needs a shave.

The answer is, “Yes.” You can record an entire route, speeds, number of hard brakings, and other vehicle information with the device CSA shows a link to . It plugs into the place where an engine trouble code reader plugs in. After the recording period, you remove it, and play it back on your pc.

Actually, you were NOT fired for the reason you think. IF that reason were stated, it wasn’t the true reason. It was just an excuse reason. There can be many reasons: a need to downsize the manpower; or, it could have been (office) politics.
You can never “prove” your innocence. Even, if you did, it wouldn’t do you any good. You would still be out of a job. Maybe, not today; but, tomorrow, yes. Remember: people have all of the negative qualities you can think of, and then, some. Being aware of human foibles is being forearmed to protect yourself, to a degree. And, some people have more positive qualities than negative. Doesn’t that make things interesting?
Forget the old job. Start looking for another. That company isn’t indispensible.

You got fired for TELLING someone to drive in a safe manner while you were in the car? Were you this person’s supervisor? Why didn’t you ask politely instead? What were the circumstances? Was your life in danger?

Was the job in a state where an employer has to have cause to fire you? I work in a state (Florida) where either the employee or the employer can terminate employment without giving cause or notice.

If the vehicle has the type of GPS employers use to track vehicles, it may have recorded data that could help you. You might need a subpoena in order to get this data, if it exists.

Thanks Kit, I Think I Didn’t Make That Point Clear Enough.


Perhaps the employer is contesting unemployment benifits,saying the employee was terminated for “just cause” or some other acceptable reason to terminate someone and contest benifits. More employers are contesting unemployment benifits these days