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Car sometimes vibrates when pressing on gas petal

I bought this car used a while ago. It happens randomly and I can go days without it happening again, but sometimes, especially if I’m driving on the highway, I press on the gas petal to go faster but the car starts to vibrate or shake and won’t stop until I stop pressing on the gas. Usually once I get to a complete stop at a light it won’t happen again but when it does happen I can’t go faster because the harder the press on the gas petal the more it vibrates. Any ideas what it could be?

Could be anything! bad tires,bearings,cv joint,engine mounts etc,etc.What is the year,make,model and milage of your vehicule?

Is the check engine light flashing when this is happening?

Hey! My car is a 2007 Nissan Murano. Right now it’s at 139,000 miles. I’ve gone to the mechanic and I’ve gotten a tune-up. Ever since I’ve had the car, though, the tire pressure light has been up but my mechanic hasn’t mentioned anything about that yet

Hello! The check engine light used to be on but since doing some stuff at the mechanic, the light has been off, for now at least. It only blinked one time from what I remember but I took it the mechanic the next day, but when this does happen the check engine light isn’t blinking. What I am experiencing though is that we’ll do something on my car which we think will stop the check engine light from coming on again but then a week later or so it’ll come back. It’s been two weeks and the light hasn’t come on but I still experience the car randomly vibrating when I press on the gas

Do you know how to check the tire pressure ? If you are near a Discount Tire store they will check it for free and set the pressure according to the plaque on the drivers door frame. It could be that your tire pressure monitors are due for replacement.

You seriously need a better mechanic to determine what codes are stored in the computer’s memory, and do a proper diagnosis.

I wonder why a mechanic would not notice the low tire light and the vibration should be easy to locate .

Thank you for the advice! I’m gonna do that as soon as I can. I don’t know much about cars but do you think that once my tires are at the correct pressure that it will or could help with the random vibrating I’ve been experiencing when pressing on the gas petal?

Hey! Thanks for the advice, I’ve been thinking about getting another opinion from a different mechanic. This problem hasn’t been too severe but since I now need to travel a bit farther and at faster speeds this problem has started to concern me. The only codes they’ve found on my car has been P0300 and P0420

Could be torque steer that you are experiencing.I remember taking a Sentra for a spin and I had to hold the steering tightly every time I pressed the gas pedal…scary!

The OP is having a problem that is different from what you experienced.
She is having a problem with her gas petal.