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Car vibrates when pressing on gas

Sometimes if I’m pressing on the gas my car will start vibrating until I stop pressing on it, it’s become more frequent now and I’m wondering if anyone knows what could be the cause? I have the check engine light on but it doesn’t blink or anything when it happens

My first thought was a bad motor mount. But I doubt a bad motor mount would light up a Check Engine Light.

That CEL means the computer has stored a code, which will point you toward the problem. I’d suggest either getting the code read (Auto Zone, etc.), o r just take the car to a mechanic.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ve taken my car to the mechanic a couple of times and they’ve done some stuff to my car but we haven’t been able to have the check engine light stay off. If I remember right I think I had the codes P0300 and P0420, but we haven’t had any luck yet with it staying off. Do you think it’s safe to drive my car like this or if it’s doing any damage on my car? My mechanic did mention needing a new motor mount but that I wouldn’t really need to replace for another 2 months so I haven’t done it

I’d have it seen to and fixed as soon as possible, myself. I don’t like for known problems to get any worse.

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If you post the year make, model and milage, and confirm what codes that are now present, and tell us what work the mechanic has already done, I’m betting you can get some good input from here.

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