To show or not to show


Our 1994, Olds Cutlass Supreme, convertible.

We didn’t buy it as a show car, but friends say we should.

I’m thinking, maybe we could make a tidy profit on it…spouse is thinking “UGH! Sitting in the sun at a car show!”

Thoughts, anyone?


A car show is a chance to show others how well you keep your car. It is also a chance to find folks like you who enjoy taking car of an modifying their car. You can learn about car care (uber car care) and find out where to get work don or where to get parts. If any of this appeals to you, go for it.

Another place to show your car is at a local drive-in or diner. Many towns have a joint where car nuts congergate to enjoy each other’s company. This is typically a good-weather night thing, so you don’t have to bear up under the scorching sun. Ask around.


Try it once, you might agree it is great fun. (But leave hubby home!)

A tidy profit, y’think? Dream on!

Go for it!


We’d have to drive quite a while to get to a “diner”.
We’ll try this local show just to get our feet wet.


Will do!
A person can dream, right?


If you think you’d enjoy taking the car to a show, go ahead and do it. Probably best to leave hubby at home, since he’s not interested.

“Tidy profit?” Don’t get your hopes up.

There may be someone willing to pay big money for your car, but you have to find that someone. Perhaps one of your neighbors would like to buy the car.


Instead of “neighbors,” substitute the word “friends.”


Let’s go as far as “someone you don’t know”.

One of my neighbors sold a car to one of his friends and he said it was the biggest mistake of his life.

Every time the vehicle had a problem the friend called him.

When he sold the friend the vehicle he’d had it safety certified.

Problem with that is only the components involved in the safety aspect are considered. Too bad for every other part.

The friend knew what all was starting to wear, but nevertheless decided my neighbor was going to fix it.
Geez. That friendship came to an abrupt end.


Is there something wrong with diners? And where do you live that a diner is a long way from home?


The closest ‘diner’ is a mom& pop, 6 miles from me. They don’t encourage people to use their parking lot to show their cars.
The next closest ‘diner’ is 25 miles away.
Yep! I live in the middle of nowhere, and you can’t get anywhere from here, easily.
Alaska? The middle of Nebraska?
Nope, just upstate New York.


OK. Fast food restaurants sometimes let folks congregate on their parking lots as long a it’s good for business. Anyway, go to the show and have fun. It’s an adventure! Ask the folks you meet if there are other places nearby where you can show off your car. There won’t be as strong an interest in your 90s Cutlass as there would be if it were a 70s version. But someone will take a shine to it. Decide after this one if you enjoy it and would like to participate in others. If you are trying to sell it, you might try eBay.